Incat Crowther is pleased to announce the delivery of the 30m Catamaran Workboat Nordic Barakuda. Built at Marine Diesel Services, the vessel was successfully delivered to Nordic Maritime in late 2015.

The Nordic Barakudahas been built on the expertise and experience Incat Crowther has demonstrated in previous vessels such as Unlimited, Limitless, Straight Shooter and Vejunas. This vast experience has resulted in one of the most capable and versatile vessels of its type and size.

With seating for 60 day personnel, accommodation for an additional 10 overnight personnel and Nordic Barakuda’s 6 operational crew, the vessel will perform seismic and crew supply roles in South East Asia.

Nordic Barakuda’s 70sqm aft deck, has a deck rating of 3t/m2 with multiple lashing points to support the transit of containers and other freight. It has been fitted out with pad-eyes for towing, a 3-tonne A-Frame, as well as an integrated winch base and a deck crane.

Dedicated to personnel in transit, the aft portion of the main deck cabin features a four-person cabin, changing room, bathroom, showers, medevac, seats for 42 and ample luggage racks. Personnel accommodation continues in the hulls with a four-person cabin and a two-person cabin, both with en-suites. The forward end of the main deck cabin features a crew galley and mess, as well as access to the hulls.

The hulls also house a cool room, a pantry and a laundry, further enhancing the vessel’s long-range credentials.

Nordic Barakuda is powered by a pair of Caterpillar C18 main engines, each producing 533kW. The vessel’s service speed is 12 knots, with a top speed of 15 knots.