Incat Crowther is pleased to announce a contract to design a 65m catamaran passenger ferry for operation in Korea. The Incat Crowther 65 will be built by Khan Co., Ltd of Geoje-si, Korea and operated by Dolphin Shipping Co., Ltd.

The vessel will provide a vital link between Pohang, on mainland Korea and the island of Ulleung-do, where it will be the second largest vessel on the route. It will be the first locally-built high-speed ferry on the route.

Khan is a respected, established name in Korea’s shipbuilding industry. Incat Crowther will work with Khan to develop the construction capability for aluminium high speed light vessels, in compliance with IMO HSC Code and local Korean Register of Shipping (KRS) regulations. This “technology transfer” is a key feature of Incat Crowther’s design service, and allows builders to benefit from world-leading industry expertise.

Tentatively named Dolphin 3, the vessel will carry 710 passengers over two decks, with the wheelhouse located on a third deck with all-round visibility. Oversize boarding points are located aft and at amidships to facilitate smooth boarding of the large passenger complement. There are multiple wheelchair spaces on the main deck, as well as a kiosk. There are also ample luggage racks, as well as crew accommodation module aft. The upper deck features a pair of 4-person VIP rooms port and starboard, fitted with first class seating and excellent exterior visibility.

Due to its size and excellent seakeeping characteristics, the Incat Crowther 65 will be more capable in rougher seas than existing boats on the run, dramatically improving on the number of days the service is run.

As a vital transport connection to Ulleung-do, Dolphin Shipping is planning to offer a new level of speed and comfort, with luxurious seats, ample amenities and on-board wireless. The vessel will take an hour off the operator’s current vessel’s journey. It is anticipated that the improved speed comfort and operability will make a substantial difference to the lives of island residents and the journey of visiting tourists.

Dolphin 3 will be powered by quad 3700kW main engines driving Rolls Royce Kamewa S80-4 waterjets. The vessel will operate at 39.5 knots.

Dolphin 3 will be a demonstration of Incat Crowther’s expertise in bringing world-leading technology to new markets.