Incat Crowther is pleased to announce a second Incat Crowther 32 has been delivered to Spanish Operator Mar de Ons. Constructed at Astilleros Armon’s Burella yard, the vessel is nearly identical to the successful Mar de Cies.

In developing Mar de Cies, Mar de Ons set out with Incat Crowther to create a boat that could take a large number of passengers anywhere in the network. The operator wanted a boat that was efficient, yet robust and low maintenance. With over two years of operation under its belt, Mar de Cies has proven itself to be just that vessel. A repeat order, named Mar de Ons was a simple decision, moving forward with very little change required to the design.

The most significant change to the vessel is the reconfiguration of the upper deck, allowing for additional seats, including some forward seats overlooking the bow. The additional upper deck capacity allows for the addition of wheelchair spaces on the main deck without an overall reduction in capacity.

The new vessel will again demonstrate Astilleros Armon’s typical high interior fitout standards, with high-quality and passenger amenities throughout. Main deck outlook has been improved with the fitment of full depth windows for the entire length of the cabin.

The main deck features a large kiosk at the forward end, whilst all seats are at tables. The open upper deck features forward-facing seats. Vessel capacity remains 394.

Passenger flow is facilitated by multiple wide staircases and access options to both decks of the vessel, accounting for the varied dockside infrastructure Mar De Ons encounters on their network around the Bays of Vigo and Pontevedra. Boarding is by multiple locations, at a range of heights, including aft platforms, main deck gates (aft mid and forward) as well as bow loading over the foredeck. The extremities of the vessel are tailored to facilitate its regular berthing manoeuvres, whilst custom fendering is installed. The design features a low propeller draft to allow access to shallow docks.

The design features an aluminium hull that is not only efficient but has proven itself to be robust and low-maintenance in operation. Both vessels are capable of a top speed of 29 knots. Mar de Cies has reliably operated at 25 knots at a modest engine load, resulting in a very low fuel burn.

Safety compliance is provided in accordance with the latest EU regulations, a process that involved collaboration with Spanish flag authorities to achieve an optimal outcome.

The Incat Crowther 32, a fully customised design solution, reaps rewards in functionality, operational efficiency and low fuel usage.