Incat Crowther is pleased to announce the delivery of Ultramar II, the second in a series of high capacity 48m Catamaran Passenger Ferries for Mexican operator Ultramar.

Built by Midship Marine in Harvey, Louisiana, Ultramar II is specifically designed for the operator’s busy Playa de Carmen – Cozumel run, offering high capacity, high durability and a world-class passenger experience.

The vessel’s fitout is yacht-like in keeping with Ultramar’s ‘Experience Innovation’ motto and includes aquarium-themed feature walls and glass pieces, decorative ceilings, multi-color underwater lighting, polished stainless-steel handrails, high-end entertainment system, and the list goes on.

The main deck aft cabin seats 214 passengers and includes a dedicated child-friendly area as well as a refreshment bar. The forward end of the vessel’s main deck features a premium class area with 64 seats. The foredeck seats a further 50 passengers. Behind the main passenger cabin, the vessel is fitted with a large enclosed cargo area with roller doors and spacious dedicated restrooms for male, female, and disabled patrons.

The mid deck exterior is complete with seating for 203 passengers plus a full-service bar and a sizeable stage for musicians to entertain passengers. A majority of the exterior area is enclosed on sides and from above and is air conditioned by the vessel’s robust cooling system. An additional 52 premium class seats are housed inside the mid deck cabin.

The roof deck includes seating for 264 passengers seeking to enjoy the Caribbean sunshine.

Ultramar II is fitted with a pair of MTU 16V4000 63L main engines, each producing 3000 bhp at 1800rpm, the upgraded propulsion package offering additional speed and power over its sister, Ultramar.

Incat Crowther will be sponsoring the 43rd Annual Interferry Conference in Cancun-Cozumel, Mexico, which is being hosted by Ultramar. This vessel, and it sisterships (including 7 Incat Crowther designed-vessels and counting) will take center stage. The close bond between operator and designer results in an optimal design focused on servicing the client’s and passengers’ needs.