Incat Crowther is pleased to announce the launch and delivery of Ocean Queen Rockstar, the first in a larger class of vessel for NYC Ferry operated by Hornblower. Built by Metal Shark Boats, Ocean Queen Rockstar is a 29m, 350 passenger vessel that will be used for the operations’ New York City - Rockaway run, which involves rougher water than the Hudson River and East River routes.

Ridership numbers for the service have been phenomenal. Having taken just 86 days to notch up their millionth passenger, NYC Ferry’s figures have grown month-on-month, carrying nearly 4 million passengers in the first year of operation. This is not far off the projected annual ridership for a fully-operational network, despite starting with a reduced number of routes.

“We are excited on the arrival of the newest and largest NYC Ferry vessel”, said Junior Volpe, Director of Special Projects. “The larger-capacity vessel will help cater for record-breaking ridership across the system, which has recently reached five million passengers since NYC Ferry service launched in May 2017.”

By any measure, this “zero-to-hero” trajectory is a success. The rapid rollout of vessels has been aided by Incat Crowther’s close interaction with the shipyards involved. Incat Crowther’s 3D production engineering allows for each vessel to be exactly duplicated with reduced production errors, and to be built efficiently and in record time.

With the increased ridership and increased demand, the larger capacity vessel was developed. The development of this vessel followed a similar pattern to the earlier vessels, resulting in Ocean Queen Rockstar – the 18th vessel in the fleet - being in service just 8 months after being ordered.

Ocean Queen Rockstar features increased length, beam and depth over the river vessels, seating 162 passengers in the main deck cabin and 182 on the open upper deck. The vessel is fully disabled access complaint and features a well-equipped concession stand, bicycle racks and bow loading with direct stair access to the upper deck.

Powered by a pair of Baudouin 12M26.3 P2 main engines rated at 1340hp each, she is an efficient performer, operating at 24 knots at modest MCR, and is capable of a top speed in excess of 30 knots.

In addition to the design of the new Rockaway class vessel, Incat Crowther has worked with NYC Ferry to increase the capacity of some of the first-generation boats. As the operation heads towards an annual ridership of 9 million passengers, the value of this partnership will continue to be exhibited.