Incat Crowther is pleased to announce the launch of Kilimanjaro VII, a 45m catamaran passenger ferry for Azam Marine of Tanzania, Africa. This vessel is the tenth vessel designed by Incat Crowther for the operator, and the seventh vessel built for the operator by Richardson Devine Marine.

The 500-passenger, 35 knot vessel features the operator’s trademark parallel boarding system, whereby five ramps per side load passenger and cargo in segregated flows. VIP and Royal Class passengers board into a discreet stair tower directly to the upper deck cabin, whilst economy passengers load separately aft and midships. The fifth ramp is dedicated to luggage trolley movements. The boarding system ensures passenger classes and luggage trolleys are segregated, reducing turnaround time and improving safety, whilst promoting exclusivity for the higher yield passengers.

The vessel seats 224 passengers in its main deck economy cabin, 72 VIP passengers and 18 Royal Class passengers in full lie flat seats on the mid deck, with the remainder being economy passengers in separate areas over three decks. A major enhancement from earlier vessels is the relocation of the wheelhouse to the third deck. This configuration results in panoramic windows forward on the mid deck, creating a class-leading experience for occupants of this high-revenue space.

The luggage room houses up to 10 tonnes of luggage and cargo, whilst IMO HSC code-compliant stability enhances her safety credentials.

Kilimanjaro VII is the first fast passenger vessel to use a pair of Cummins QSK95-M main engines, although Incat Crowther is familiar with this model, having utilised them in recent offshore deliveries. In this specific project, the large twin engine solution is an effective way of providing more speed whilst avoiding the through-life cost and complexity of a four-engine power train. Engine room accessibility is improved over a four-engine arrangement, and maintenance and operational requirements are reduced. Additional dividends are realized in the routing and a reduction in the duplicity of systems.

Kilimanjaro VII excelled in sea trials, operating at a fully loaded speed of 30 knots at low proportion of MCR to offer very long engine life. She has a top speed in excess of 37 knots and has proven extremely smooth and quiet.

This latest design further demonstrates the deep operational understanding Incat Crowther shares with its clients. Part of Azam Marine’s enormous success has been based on the vessels being fuel efficient, reliable and simple to maintain, a crucial trait in Africa.