Incat Crowther is pleased to announce the launch of Brilliance of Majestic, the first in a new class vessel that offers value and performance. The Incat Crowther 42 has a high service speed at a low installed engine power and is delivered as a high-quality product by PT Cahaya Saumdra.

Brilliance of Majestic is the first of a third class of vessel designed by Incat Crowther for the operator, Majestic Fast Ferry. At 33m and 39m respectively, the previous vessels housed their passengers in a single deck configuration that reduced weight and construction complexity. The Brilliance class was driven by the requirement to carry more passengers at greater speed, whilst giving business class passengers an exclusive experience. The increased capacity and speed needed to be balanced with capital and operating costs.

The wheelhouse was raised half a level to maintain all-round visibility and an upper deck business class cabin added. To combat undue increased in weight and complexity, the upper deck cabin is set in from the sides of the vessel and kept relatively short. Weight saving measures can be seen throughout the vessel with superfluous bridging structure eliminated fore and aft and many new construction methods implemented.

Passengers board Brilliance of Majestic via either aft or midships boarding gate. The main deck cabin seats 261 economy passengers. Three bathrooms are located aft, and luggage racks abound. A central staircase adjacent to the midship boarding doors leads directly to the upper deck business class cabin. 43 passengers are accommodated here in larger seats set at a greater pitch. A large business class bathroom is located aft. The half-height wheelhouse features seats and a workbench for crew. Crew accommodation makes use of the hulls, with a total of 8 berths. Interior fit and finish of the high level typical for PT Cahaya Samudra products.

Brilliance of Majestic is powered by quad MTU 12V2000 M72 main engines, each developing 1080kW. She is propelled by quad Rolls Royce 56A3 jets. The vessel has a fully-laden speed of 38 knots.

The propulsion specification, the packaging and the engineering of Brilliance of Majestic combine to produce a vessel that performs extremely well for its capital cost. Additional vessels of the same class are under construction.