Australian Digital Shipbuilder Incat Crowther has supported Birdon America Inc. with designs for 27 new Waterways Commerce Cutters (WCCs) to the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).

Birdon America Inc. won the $US 1.187 billion contract with support from Incat Crowther through a competitive tender process which saw the companies propose a fully compliant, low-risk and best-value solution for the USCG. The winning proposal included a comprehensive tank testing programme and regulatory design approval and will see Birdon America Inc. deliver two variations of the WCCs built from the Incat Crowther design.

Both variations of the WCCs, the River Buoy Tender (WLR) and the Inland Construction Tender (WLIC), will be modern, complex and designed to strict US military standards. The new cutter design will provide up to 11 days of accommodation for up to 19 crew members.

The vessels will be essential to maintain and protect the US’ intra-coastal and inland Marine Transportation System, which sees 630 million tons of cargo moved annually. The vessels will also be used in additional missions including search and rescue (SAR), marine safety, marine environmental protection, and ports, waterways, and coastal security.

The 27 new vessels will be delivered over a 10-year period, beginning with an initial 18-month design process.