Incat Crowther is pleased to announce the launch of the 72m passenger ferry Korea Pride. Incat Crowther supported Korea Express Ferry in the building of the ship that will operate from Incheon on the west coast of South Korea.

In procuring such a ferry, Korea Express Ferry set very high safety, comfort and performance standards. The operator also specified that the ship be built locally, becoming the first ship of this type constructed in South Korea.

Incat Crowther was selected to design the ship and supervise its construction at Kangnam Corporation in Busan. This choice was based on Incat Crowther’s digital shipbuilding credentials and operator-focused design. “It’s a great example of our approach to using global experience to support local building”. said Dan Mace, Technical Manager.

The finished product highlights the developed capability to build this class of ship locally in South Korea.

Korea Pride features a sleek, single-deck configuration, which Mace explains was selected to handle the specific conditions which include large swell and wind chop. “Safety and open sea capability drove our design and build. The 72m platform is longer than usual for a single-deck ship. This delivers greater speed without sacrificing fuel efficiency.”

Sung Man Hwang, C.E.O. of Korea Express Ferry, is full of praise for the new ship. “We are very pleased with the outcome.” He said. “Incat Crowther’s contribution to the project cannot be understated. We received a high-quality ship that reached an impressive 41 knots on sea trials. It is a very happy day for us to take delivery of such an extraordinary ship. It will serve our passengers very well”.

A full complement of 556 passengers will be accommodated across a single deck. To maximise safety and efficiency, passengers board and disembark via six boarding gates/doors, located to integrate with shoreside infrastructure.

On board, passengers are served by economy, business and first-class cabins. A central amenities block features a large, well-equipped kiosk in addition to bathrooms and a mothers’ room. Luggage racks are plentiful in all cabins. At the aft end of the main deck is a crew area with mess room, office and bathroom. The ship also has a medical room.

Korea Pride is powered by quad MTU 16V4000 main engines, with neat and tidy engine room layout and exposed engine hatches aiding maintenance and removal. The ship has an operating speed of 36.5 knots.

The ship will be a lifeline for many who live on and trade and travel between these Korean islands and the mainland.